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How Often Should A Piano Be Tuned?

posted Mar 19, 2012, 3:03 PM by Arnold Klingler   [ updated Mar 19, 2012, 3:05 PM ]

This is certainly the question I am asked most frequently. However, it's the most difficult question to answer. Most piano manufacturers recommend tuning a piano every three months. This is highly recommended when the piano is brand new for the first few years. The rule of thumb has always been, tune the piano twice a year. In general, most instruments require two tunings a year. However, there are a number of variables which affect this.

A new piano, or newly restrung piano will require frequent tunings, usually four times a year. If the piano does not hold tune well, usually due to loose tuning pins, it will require more frequent service to keep it in tune. If the primary player is quite skilled and has a highly developed "ear", he or she may require the piano be tuned more regularly. Also, if the piano is kept in an environment which is subject to extremes in temperature, humidity and/or moisture, it will probably require more frequent service.

Overall I've found that most instruments will hold a good tuning for at least six months. I have numerous client's pianos which hold their tuning far longer. The best way to determine how often your piano needs to be serviced is to ask the technician who knows it.