Services & Specialties

We service all of North-Central Florida, including Gainesville, Cedar Key, Ocala surrounding areas and will travel farther, when requested, at additional expense.  For major repairs, regulation, or rebuilding, the parts, action, or entire piano need to be shipped to our shop, therefore distance is not a factor.

All services are performed in a friendly, professional manner.  Appointments are usually made within one hour intervals.  For example, arrival for an 11:00 AM appointment would be expected between 11:00 and 12:00.  If running later, you would receive a phone call.  If arriving earlier, we would wait, if necessary.

Materials used for repairs are always at least industry standard and are equal to or exceed the original standard employed during the manufacture of the instrument.

Whenever an appointment is made, you can expect that the tuner/technician will discuss any possible repairs that may be necessary with you (immediate and/or near future), always keeping in mind the instrument's use and value.

Servicing your piano is not a daily or weekly event, therefore, for your convenience, clients automatically receive our Reminder Service.  Periodically, based upon your piano's needs, reminders are sent to bring your attention to your piano's service.  This is in the form of an email.   Only upon your specific request, a phone call can be made for this purpose.

Appointments for appraisals or estimates may be scheduled at your convenience.  Formal appraisals for insurance purposes, donations, etc., are available upon request.  It is also often wise to have a piano appraised prior purchasing it by an independent piano expert.  We will thoroughly examine the instrument and provide a detailed description of its condition and approximate value, and provide an estimate of any necessary repairs, if you should so desire.

Maintaining your piano does not have to be a chore, we will periodically bring your attention to its regular maintenance.  It is this regular maintenance which will keep your musical instrument sounding beautiful and attract the player, whether a young student or an accomplished artist, to the piano.  It is also regular maintenance which will protect this major investment for you, your children and even your grandchildren to enjoy.  A well cared for piano can last generations.

Most manufacturers recommend basic service up to four times a year.  While this is certainly true during the first few years of its life, most pianos don't demand this in later years.  Twice a year is usually adequate for most instruments.  The exceptions being the pianist with a very demanding ear, an instrument performed upon regularly as in a church, school or college, a piano in need of more extensive repairs, or a climate less conducive to the instrument's overall stability.

The instrument should be placed away from doors and windows which are frequently opened, away from direct sunlight and any heating or air conditioning source.  Relatively constant temperature, 68-75 degrees, and humidity, 45-55 percent, provides an excellent environment for the piano.


  • Tuning
  • Pitch Raise (A-440)
  • Repair
  • Regulation
  • Keyboard Leveling
  • Rebuilding
  • String Replacement
  • Appraisals
  • Service Call
    • Minor Repair
    • Purchase Consultation

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  • Concert Tuning
  • Hammer Replacement
  • Action Reconditioning
  • Action Rebuilding
  • Complete Restringing
  • Keyboard Replacement
  • Soundboard Repair
  • Pinblock Repair
  • Bridging Repair
  • Player Pianos
  • Square Pianos
  • Bird-Cage Actions
  • "Old-Style" Actions
  • Harpsichords

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